Pussycat Bow – Free Pattern

IamSnowfox-Pussycat-BowThis is my newest pattern, a Pussycat Bow which uses 1 ball of Rowan Yarn’s newest addition to their ever-popluar Kidsilk range, Kidsilk Amore. Now, this may just be me, but when I hear ‘Amore’, I put on a fake Italian accent in my head and instantly go for an (imaginary) stroll along the canals of Venice. Boats, Gondolieri in their little neck-ties and the general air of romance and grandeur inspired this oversized bow-tie. Ah, Amore…Pussycat-Bow-fullThe pattern is part of the Rowan Ambassadors Amore Online Collection and can be downloaded here. It’s free for Row@n members, simply sign up for their online community if you’re not a member yet (signing up is also free)!
You can also download the whole Ambassadors Collection here, every project uses no more than 1 ball of Kidsilk Amore or Kidsilk Amore Shimmer.
 Kidsilk Amore is a multi strand construction yarn, turning the delicate mohair and silk fibres into a chunkier yarn, which is very light yet warm.
It makes for either a super fluffy fabric if knitted on larger needles, or an intensely coloured dense structure if knitted on smaller needles. Both look and feel great.

Taking pictures of the Pussycat Bow turned out to be difficult, a week before the deadline for handing in my pattern it was pouring.. and it just wouldn’t stop. I postponed, and postponed, and postponed, until the very last day and it was STILL raining. So I took the plunge (literally), grabbed an umbrella and hoped for just a few rain-free minutes, a gap in the clouds.. and it paid off!
So here’s my favourite behind the scenes shot, complete with umbrella and double rainbow.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning the pattern, and feel free to share your pictures over on Ravelry!