My first interview!

I have been interviewed by my friend and fellow Rowan Ambassador Cindi Brumpton of PurlOne! Cindi has been doing interviews of all the Rowan Ambassadors on her blog, and I think she’s done a marvellous job. Read all about how I became an ambassador and my love for little mushroom people here.

She’s a passionate writer and knitter herself, and I just wanted to show off her fabulous tea cozy design, Winter Wonderland, because IamSnowfox loves all things snow, and what could be better to keep you warm after a walk through the snowy winter world than a nice cup of tea?

Winter Wonderland by Cindi Brumpton

Husky Kami

In my last post I already mentioned how much I like working with natural materials. That doesn’t only apply to my crochet creatures, but to pretty much all of my creative ventures. Be it decorations for the house, gifts or things that just come in handy, I always think it is best to look to nature to provide us with materials, as they will last, are sustainable and usually have a unique beauty. 

I have been sick at home for a few days now, which gave me some time to work on new projects and finish old ones (though my pile of WIPs is still considerable..), and make some more stock for my shop. Husky Kami is easily my most popular troll at this point, and what’s not to love?

Husky Kami White Amigurumi Troll

He’s made from organic sheep’s wool (Bluefaced Leicester to be precise) which is wonderfully soft to the touch and fluffy up nicely when brushed. When I first came up with the trolls I thought of forest creatures, subdued hues, nothing too bright. What a surprise it was when this one just wasn’t having it. He was cute with brown eyes, but something was missing. I handpaint all my doll eyes, so usually have a variety of colours lying around somewhere, and I thought: Why not.. And that’s how he became what he is today.

And the snow is falling…

We are snuggled up indoors with tea and toasties and watching the outside world slowly disappear under a layer of perfect softness. As it’s sunday, we spent some time playing in the snow, and took one of our brave little friends with us…

Snow Troll Kami

You can find Kami and his troll friends in my Etsy shop.

This little troll was what started my venture into the Amigurumi world. He has since acquired a multitude of brothers and sisters, though he is still the smallest and arguably the cutest of them all, which is why he got to stay and live with us. Kami is made out of scrap bits and pieces of yarn that my mum gave to me, and he has a special place in my heart.