The Day I became a Rowanette

I have some exciting news! A few months ago Rowan were looking for brand ambassadors, the so-called Rowanettes/Rowanets. They were looking for people who are passionate about crafting with Rowan Yarns, are creative, web savvy and willing to dedicate time and resources to the Brand. Rowan Yarns have been my all-time favourite since I can think, and the majority of my creative work features their beautiful fibres. They required us to take a picture of ourselves in our latest Rowan knit and send it in along with a short description of why we would be prefect for the ‘job’. Having always dreamed of being somehow associated with the brand, I didn’t need telling twice.

I had had my eye on a skirt that I had wanted to make for quite a while, and what better excuse to procrastinate on housework than this? After one dedicated weekend of knitting, assembling and taking pictures I sent my application off, crossing my fingers and hoping that I had what they were looking for. It took a few months and some stalking of the Rowan facebook page until I heard back (apparently they had several thousand responses!), and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I had made the shortlist! There were a few more things I had to send in before they made their final decision, but I must have done something right as I got chosen and am now officially a Rowanette! I am beyond excited and can’t wait to get started.

Here’s the picture that I sent in for the competition, skirt is River knit in Rowan Limaalong with another shot that shows the back a bit better. I absolutely adore it, Lima is such an amazing yarn, so soft to the touch and it comes in wonderful shades. The skirt was easy and quick to knit, and it fits perfectly. I knit a size S with 4,5mm needles and used up nearly 4 balls of yarn. It’s great for winter layered over tights or jeans and will also be really nice in spring still with some floaty tops and  a nice cardigan. The pictures were taken in September 2012, but I’ve worn it all winter and am thinking about making another one as it’s become one of my wardrobe staples.

Rowan River in Lima

The skirt is so cozy I am constantly tempted to snuggle with it, it’s that soft!


Check out the project page on my Ravelry if you have some time!