Vinny V spring monster


Spring is around the corner, and while my desire to knit usually declines as temperatures rise, I just HAD to make this guy. I mean, isn’t he just too stinkin’ cute? I bought Rebecca Danger’s book ‘A monster nursery‘ a while ago, and have been using it again and again. The yarn is Rowan Yarn’s new Cotton Cashmere. I don’t often knit with Cotton, but I did enjoy working with this yarn, and my finger’s didn’t get sore from holding the yarn as often happens to me with cotton. You can find my project notes on Ravelry.


I’m going to be an auntie this summer, so I see lots of baby knits in my future.. but don’t you think it’s frustrating how quickly they outgrow things? I mean, you spend FOREVER making them and they wear them for one month and oops, it’s already too small. I therefore prefer giving toys and plushies, as they last a lot longer.

It wouldn’t be an IamSnowfox project if I hadn’t tweaked it – see that green ring peeking out under Vinny’s bum? If you pull on the ring, the melody of Brahms’ Lullaby starts playing. You can buy pull string music boxes to add to your projects on all sorts of craft websites. They are mechanical, so you could technically wash them – I’m just not sure whether they might rust. I have yet to see that happen.


I have also given Vinny V different ears – I wanted bigger ears than the original pattern provided, so I crocheted my own version them to make them a bit sturdier. They somehow remind me of Shrek’s ears. He’s an ogre, ogres are monsters, so that works, right?


Vinny is off to his new home soon, but there will no doubt be countless more brother and sister monsters finding their way into my friend’s kid’s bedrooms.