Stop to smell the flowers.. or blow on them

I will keep this short and sweet, simply because there is so much I could say but none of it needs to be worded, yet I feel I have grossly neglected my blog for  while now. Sometimes life just has other plans, and I’ve had to deal with a lot of things in the past weeks and months, and went through some pretty big changes. I have to admit I am still adjusting and while some days are tough, on others I manage to embrace the change, manage to breathe and smile. This year seems to be marked by major shifts in people’s lives and I just want to remind myself and everybody out there who feels similar: Life goes on. It may throw you a few curve balls. Alright. Maybe it feels like it’s throwing you a shit load of curve balls. But after the rain comes sun. Buy yourself some wellies.. the summer rain smells amazing, and the flowers will be grateful and reward us with their beautiful colours.